generate more
better content

An infrastructure of studios, stages, warehouse, production offices and services for all ”Creative industries” which includes the Media & Entertainment, world-class converging media services in the cloud & cultural industries ruled under a TAX FREE regime, where all service operations would be exempt of taxes, becoming more cost effective and making the businesses profitable.

This will allow industry executives to generate more & better content with value on their dollar.

The Project


Two of the most aggressive incentives
for the Media & Entertainment Industry

Free Trade Zone

(Develop, produce, storage and distribution of content, advertising, video games, virtual reality among other services)


Cash rebate on qualified content production costs

(Return in cash up to 25% of production expenses incurred by international producers shooting in Uruguay)

Free Trade Zone regime key points

Punta del Este Studios benefits

100% TAX exemption on all existing and to be created taxes by law.
No project cap.
No annual budget cap.
No application deadline.
All industry eligible.
Sunset date for scheme = 2049 (30 years license).

Specific benefits of FTZ regime

The Uruguayan State (subject to liability for all damages) guarantees users all the rights,
benefits and tax exemptions they are entitled by law until the termination of the contract.
An exemption of all national taxes (present or future) on goods, services,
merchandise and raw materials entering or exiting the FTZ, regardless of their origin.

Income Tax, VAT, Net Worth Tax, Specific Internal Tax & Corporation Control Tax

Exemption from social security charges for internationals.

Free movement of capital and repatriation of profits without legal restrictions.

Lack of restrictions to the flow of foreign currency, precious metals, bonds or any other type of financial and commercial paper.

In other words: The value added at Punta del Este Studios will not be taxed,
enabling foreign companies to develop global business competitively, offering massive costs reductions
making the industry more profitable if based in Uruguay

The Location

Punta del Este, The Saint Tropez of South America

The tiny peninsula of Punta del Este is's most spectacular beach resort and the most renewed in South America.
Almost the entire coastal strip from “Punta Ballena” towards “Jose Ignacio” and the border with is lined with hotels,
condominiums, marinas, sports clubs, restaurants and discotheques. Punta del Este, the Uruguayan Riviera,
is stylish, elegant and glamorous. European with a sophisticated vibe.

Punta del Este is strategically located between two content producers like Brasil & Argentina,

The infrastructure

Phase one will include:

Sound proof stages
Office buildings.
Screening rooms & Restaurants.
Scenographic, wardrobe & FX’s warehouse.
Scenographic neighborhood.
City streets backlots.
10.000 sq. meters of green areas.

UY technologies advantages


The first undersea fiber-optic cable connecting the United States with Uruguay,
reached the Uruguayan city of Punta del Este, assures the South American country
of its telecom sovereignty and makes it an international Internet provider.

The cable connects Brava Beach to Punta del Este from the Brazilian city of Fortaleza,
thus completing the final stretch of its 12,000-kilometer (7,500-mile) extension
from its starting point in Boca Raton, Florida.

International Connectivity